Monday, October 8, 2007

Fragrance in your eyes

I held it close then let it go
The fragrance in your hair

My spirit was laid bare
All my mistakes were on the ground

Love burned a tattoo
On the centrix of my heart

I will never escape
Your eyes they captivate

Wash me in your blood
Irresistible feelings cleanse my mind

Deep into my soul
I feel your love whisper me whole

No more lies
All the selfishness in me
Screams for life
As it felt the love knife
And gasped it's last breathe
Life and love found in my death
Raised up in love with you
Jesus my answer pulled me through

Monday, August 27, 2007

Out of sight out of mind

Walking down the road
Thought I would never feel alone

Around the next bend didn't know I'd break my left bone
Feeling out of your sight among the thorns, wondering if your the one

Where is the brokenness that leads to beauty
Thats when His eyes only see you

Never out of sight or out of mind
Feeling lonely, feeling loved a braided irony

Screaming on the inside against tyranny
Dancing on the outside as red bleeds the wall crimson

While waiting out of sight or out of mind
I found love in your crystal joy eyes

Now I know love is it's own meaning
Amidst your bleeding I felt your cries
And all the selfishness in me begins to die

Empty Resound

Upside down
crying in the empty resound

Like the dancing I hear on the street
The feet of all those babies you will not meet

They dance and laugh with Jesus
The things we have done to please us

Drenched in the sorrow
For all the sin, my sin he borrowed
then threw it all away forever

What a joy to discover
never say never

His love is waiting for you whenever
Your hearts crying to break
When your floating in a lake of your own tears

Suffocating on the vomit of your own fears
You let them go and into His arms you fell
While the angel rang another freedom bell

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lion's Gate for the Lion of Judah

As the body of Christ you have been given a key. A key to Lions Gate. Do you think this name is coincidence? I have given you a key to the Kingdom to open up this gate to the King, my son the Lion of Judah. Listen as He roars, hear the enemy shaking in their boots, trembling to the core. I am the Father and I long to wrap my arms around people.
This is what it is all for, people, to set the the captive prisoners free, to see the addicted and homeless brought home to my heart. To see Zacchaeus(es) (plural) released into their destinies. I love Holly Wood. I love its people and I want to use it to display my glory and love to a nation. Listen, watch, pray and repent. Turn to me with all your your hearts. Come to me, come home to me all of you my daughters and sons. Return to the paths I have placed before you. Prepare your hearts to seek me, then obey. I love you my precious, beautiful, delightful bride, save yourselves for me. The wedding day is coming, wash in my blood and keep your hearts clean, protect them by staying close to me close to my heart.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I am engaged. I am alive.
I was created to hold your hands and thrive.

Can you hear it, the beating of my heart.
Entwined in heaven waiting on earth.

I am engaged to Jesus.
And he will give me a princess.

I know her hearts beating somewhere.
I can feel it, I love her even though her name is hidden.

This darkness keeps bidding for my soul.
I have decided it would be to high of a toll.

For I am engaged.
I am sealed for heaven.
I have made my choice of wine.

Waiting on the clock to strike mid night.
Waiting for the buzzer to ring out.
Living for a seat at that table.
Living for the marriage supper of the lamb.

In the end what did you live for and who did you love?
The answers will define. The answers will be the ink of your eternal book.