Monday, August 20, 2007

Lion's Gate for the Lion of Judah

As the body of Christ you have been given a key. A key to Lions Gate. Do you think this name is coincidence? I have given you a key to the Kingdom to open up this gate to the King, my son the Lion of Judah. Listen as He roars, hear the enemy shaking in their boots, trembling to the core. I am the Father and I long to wrap my arms around people.
This is what it is all for, people, to set the the captive prisoners free, to see the addicted and homeless brought home to my heart. To see Zacchaeus(es) (plural) released into their destinies. I love Holly Wood. I love its people and I want to use it to display my glory and love to a nation. Listen, watch, pray and repent. Turn to me with all your your hearts. Come to me, come home to me all of you my daughters and sons. Return to the paths I have placed before you. Prepare your hearts to seek me, then obey. I love you my precious, beautiful, delightful bride, save yourselves for me. The wedding day is coming, wash in my blood and keep your hearts clean, protect them by staying close to me close to my heart.

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